Is It Legal To Drive With Small Windshield Nicks?

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nicksA chip is a small nick in the glass and it is exterior, does not go deeper. It is very essential to consider a small nick in your glass does not warranty the replacement of the windshield. So you require to repair even the tiniest nicks as soon as possible as they don’t have chances to spread and get worse, likely requiring complete replacement of the windshield. This type of small nicks may happen when a small object impacts it, nicking the auto glass and then causing the small damaged scratches. Such a small chip become a massive issue but as with anything motoring wise time and money can be how, instantly can be fixed.

Small nicks in windshield

But it is safe to drive with small nicks in windshield and also it is even legal; it depends on the law of the particular states. Driving around with a small chip windscreen could be constituted use of a vehicle in a harmful condition and practically official representatives could issue a fixed penalty notice if in case the drivers were to be caught driving the vehicle. Furthermore, the driver should have an accident due the result to not being able to see sufficiently via the chip end up penalty charges without due care and notice. This may because the driver could struggle to defend the matter.

MOT and nicks

When you require MOT your car, vehicle with a chip in windshield could cause issues. There are very clear rules and regulation regarding what should be fixed on various areas of your windshield, certainly, the area brushed by the windscreen wipers. Depending on position and size the windshield nicks can be distracting and also impair vision. The chips sized bigger than 10mm is in the driver’s line of vision for windscreen fail to its MOT. The manual of MOT testers states that the damage restricted within a ring of 100mm, so a set of minor scratch could also fail.

Windshield repair

In addition to this, the damages bigger than 40mm in the rest of the parts excluding the parts associated with driver’s line of sight will fail its MOT. It should be considerable that many windshield nicks can be fixed in advance, they eventually crack and also this is a very expensive approach of handling this problem. Depending on the positioning of the screen the nicks of up to 40mm sometimes can be fixable. The damage only up to 10 mm can be fixed in the areas of A zone that is, scratches in front of the driver. Fixing involves the cleaning and drying the broken parts and filed it with a clear resin that is with similar optical properties to the auto glass.

It is advisable to that you can consult your insurance provider in the first instance, since most of the insurance firms available with arrangements with windshield repair firms. So it safe to deal with issues as no one wish to suffer the stress, expenses of an accident and inconvenience resulting from a windscreen nicking while driving.

Best Bets for Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix, Arizona

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replacementThe windshield is nothing but safety glass used for protecting the occupants of the vehicle and also elements within the vehicle. It is a sort of protective shield for the driver. This is one of the most vital parts of the vehicle. Being a crucial element of the vehicle it need to be installed properly as it can save one’s life. If in case, it is not properly installed, the occupants are more prone to injuries and in certain rare cases even there is chances of death as well.

While you are searching for auto glass replacement in Phoenix, Arizona to make the investment to get your windshield replaced, there are certain financial factors which need to be considered. If you want to save money on windshield replacement, the very first thing that you need to do is choose the auto glass company which provides insurance. Most of the insurance policies in this regard will offer at least $50 deductible.

You can do it yourself

If the damage is not too severe, you can easily fix the issue by yourself which will help you to save money. If you wish to accomplish the task by yourself, there are a number of different types of kits available at automotive stores. Ensure that kit you make use of doesn’t exert any sort of pressure over the windshield. If you tend to put more pressure on the windshield, it can lead to further damage. Obviously, replacing windshield is quite expensive method, but still there are plenty of ways to save money on it.

Another most important method is to avoid using of windshield replacement services that are provided through insurance referrals. Even though most of the windshield auto glass companies work in accordance with the insurance company, but there it will be always an extra expense for your pocket. So it’s better suggested to search for the companies within your area as it helps in finding the companies which are willing work in accordance with the insurance company without causing any extra expense to your pocket.

The insurance company usually will not be billed if there is some miscommunication between the auto glass company and the customers. Hence, make sure that you get your insurance billed at the proper time so that when you take your vehicle to the auto glass replacement company in Phoenix, they can verify with them, whether they have correct information about the insurance company and make sure whether they have contacted the insurance providers.

Before you get your vehicle windshield replaced all that you need to do is give a detailed estimation about the damages that had occurred. The estimation should be submitted to the insurance company so that you can save your money and time.

One of the easiest ways to get it repaired is through mobile repair services which is quite convenient, comfortable and can be done in a simple manner. In fact, this is cost effective method. The mobile repair and replacement companies have warranty and they ensure that replacement work is done efficiently.

What Kind Of Glass Do They Use For Windshields?

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repairrrBroken windshields are considered as the major hurdles while driving. Irrespective of the extent of the problem, i.e. it can be chipped, cracks and spider webs, windshield are a serious issue. When it comes to the matter of differentiating between windshield repair and the replacement tasks, repair tasks costs very less rather than replacement.

Some of the auto service providers intentionally suggested for replacement in order to extra money. A small repair or crack can be easily repaired whereas severe damages need to be replaced. So it’s better to seek professional advice, who will guide in a better direction. There are plenty of windshield materials used for safeguarding the windshield with utmost safety.

Here is a checklist of several of types of glass used for windshield repair, which you must know-

  • Laminated glass

Laminated glass is prepared by sandwiching the glass substrate in between two extra glass sheets. This type of glass is quite strong and durable as well. It is very much beneficial for the drivers because if the car gets damaged in an accident, its windshield doesn’t shatter into millions of pieces. But they will stay together with a huge number of cracks. Even if a high speed object hits the laminate glass windshield, the windshield will not shatter at any instance; instead a crack will appear on the glass which obstructs the front view for driving. Most of the crack and repair work can be easily corrected with the help of professional windshield repair or if you are having an experience you can do it on your own by making use of the windshield repair kit.

It is quite expensive rather than any other type of glass. It safeguards the passengers inside from loud noise and UV rays. This is the main reason why it is used in the vehicles for windshield. It is also widely used in high end apartments which are more prone to direct sunlight.

  • Tempered glass

Tempered glass is prepared by heating and cooling huge glass pieces in rapid succession. Once the glass is heated, it is then rolled over the rollers so that it becomes quite easy to give proper shape to the glass which perfectly fits the windshield. Though tempered glass is quite strong, but still it can be shattered into pieces. The process of cooling and heating makes the glass 10 times stronger than its original strength. The compression is the major cause for the glasses to break down into a million of pieces when the vehicle meets with an accident.

It is widely used for passenger, driver and for rear windows. This type of glass can be easily broken during emergency situations when one needs to come out of the vehicle. It is quite cheaper than the laminated glass.

  • Prism technology

This is one amongst the advanced technologies used which is abbreviated as Pre Resin Injection and Suspension Method. This system provides more quality results as compared to any other hand operated tools. This technology makes use of advanced windshield materials


Your Insurance Company Should Pay For Windshield Replacement In Mesa

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repairMesa is a large suburban city in Maricopa County of Arizona region, where a huge number of people reside and travel daily to Phoenix city for different work purposes, driving their own cars. Thus, many people experience little or large amounts of damage in their windshields that save their cars and passengers sitting inside, from most of the external harms.

So many companies dealing with windshield replacement Mesa work in co-ordination with the major insurance companies operating in this city, so that they can provide cashless services to their customers, whose cars are protected by the auto insurance policies.

Important facts about insurance coverage for windshield replacement Mesa

 Consider the coverage amounts: Generally the car insurance policies have accidental coverage and comprehensive coverage, for repayment of the damages that may occur to the insured cars. Most of the causes of damages to the windshields, like collision with any animal, storm or any other natural disaster, and vandalism are counted under the category of “Comprehensive coverage”.  So the customer should be careful to include the option of windshield repair in this special coverage of his policy, to be able to avail its facilities later, if faced with any such unfortunate incident of damage to the windshield. Some policies cover auto glass damage, which actually may exclude the windshield repair or replacement; therefore, the customer has to be fully alert to ask about the inclusion of windshield replacement.

Judge the deductibles carefully: The deductible part of the auto insurance needs to be selected after much consideration, so that this deductible amount does not become greater than the actual cost of any repair needed to be done for the insured car. In case, the cost of repair is greater than the amount of the deductible, the customer should not apply for an insurance claim. But many car insurance companies waive off the payment of deductibles, during the replacements of the windshields, in return for a higher coverage premium, which is still lesser expensive than paying large amount of money in the form of deductibles.

Repair the damage of the windshields: After the damage of the windshield, the car-owner needs to get the damage fixed up, as soon as possible, before filing the claim. Generally, the car insurance companies give both options of getting the repair done through the car repair shops with whom they have contracts, and also through the repair agencies chosen by the customer. But the customer needs to select only a reputed agency, which meets the standards laid by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council.

The receipt of repair should be submitted: When the customer will apply for reimbursement of his windshield replacement Mesa, he needs to submit the receipt given by the auto glass repair company, after replacing with a new windshield, along with his name, phone number, policy number and date of damage written clearly. But the customer should also clarify from the company whether he needs to submit anything else, for fast reimbursement of his money.

Need to be careful about any fraud: The customer should not rely on any unknown person, other than the repair company’s servicemen, for replacement of his windshield. He should also check carefully whether his windshield truly needs to be replaced. He needs to be cautious about the cash back claim made by the repair shop, preventing any false or more claims.

Can Auto Glass Companies Put Windshield Stickers Back On?

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stickersYour car will be personalized and look different from others with a use of attractive sticker on its back. Stickers may be affixed to the top most part of the windshield. It should not more than 4inches long and not red in color otherwise it impairs the driver’s visibility. Car window stickers should be seen by the public from a far distance, but not be obstructing the driver when driving the vehicle. Auto glass companies can put stickers of their own on the rear window according to their authorized certificate.

Back window stickers have different and optimal uses. It is a convenient and distinctive way to advertise your special business offers or discounts. Removable vinyl digits across the windshield are very common to advertise. Many types of interesting rear window stickers are available in the market. You need to choose the perfect one which will match with the look of your car and your personality too. You must follow the sticker’s law before installing it on your windshield.

Proper installation of glass stickers

Stickers should be used within two years of storage life. Windshield stickers must be stored in 60-90 degree temperature. The windshield surface on which you want to place a sticker must be cleaned and between 50 and 90 degree of temperature should be maintained. Otherwise, the adhesives may lose their ability. Clean the surface properly using cleaning solution to prevent cross contamination. Use a lint-free towel or cloth to wipe the surface. Preparing the surface is prior to vinyl product installation.

Your right decal material, color and good placement of it will give your windshield sticker the maximum impact. After your glass replacement, you can purchase a new sticker within 3-5 days. You should not replace an old sticker without inspection. Place them after few sorts of assessment.

Position of stickers in a vehicle

You can easily remove windshield stickers if it is not older than 6 months. You can wash the stickers with normal soap and water or car washer. Your glass window defroster may not harm the stickers, however stickers should not be stickled in windshield, because visibility of windscreen should be clear enough. There are some laws to prevent sticker in wind glasses.

It is quite obvious that the statements of these laws may differ from country to country. But purposes of the laws are almost same in everywhere. This kind of law may state prohibition of replacement of any kind of sticker or anything in the glass of windshield and side mirrors. These kinds of things are likewise to become obstruction of the view of driver towards road. There are some exceptions yet for few things such as glare shields and toll payment devices.

Windshield with poor visibility, wiper blades on windshield, cracked windshields these are prohibited in some places, as they can increase the chances of accidents. For this reason, you should maintain the essentials related to windshield along with the proper care of windshield.

Why Don’t They Have Electric Windshield Defrosters Like They Do On Rear Windows?

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About the device: A defroster or defogger is a vital system in a motor vehicle to clear thaw frost and condensation from the side windows, windshield, and/ or back glass of an automobile. For primary defogging task, the heat is typically offered by your vehicle’s engine coolant that is through the heater core. The fresh aid will be blown via heater core and then effectively ducted to and then with the aid of a blower it will be distributed all over the interior surface. In many cases, this air is first dehumidified by efficiently passing it via the vehicle’s air conditioning evaporator. Thus, such dehumidification tends to make the defroster extremely effective and faster.

Secondary defrosters, such as the ones used on the vehicle’s rear windows or back glass, usually consist of a series of electric wires and parallel linear vital resistive conductors on or in the glass. When the power is applied, these conductors tend to heat up, evaporating condensation and thawing ice from the glass.

Facts to know

When it comes to Windshield defrosters they are not the one’s which are placed on the rear windows. As said above, rear windows have electric defrosters, but windshield does not commonly have these because they come with inbuilt defrosters. They are amazingly designed to clear your vehicle’s windshield of ice, snow and fogging efficiently and fast, thus such a defroster reduces the requirement to use a scraper as well.

A transparent vital heating element is embedded inside your windshield that lets it to heat more of the glass surface when compared to the standard or electric defrost system does. Keep in mind that the engine should be operated for the Windshield defrosters to function. Once it gets activated, it will then stay on for about 10 minutes, and then it will tend to switch off automatically.

Important tips

Finding frost on the windshield on a winter, cold morning is hard enough. In fact, driving with ice on the windshield or glass is extremely dangerous. However, when there is no heat in the vehicle to use the in-built defroster. It’s quite difficult to melt the ice on the other side of the glass. Fortunately, there are some proven techniques of removing frost, which don’t need a heater.

Spray the windshield, inside and out using a de-icing formula. These useful sprays are found in most of the auto shops. They melt the ice instantly and avert it from forming on the vehicle’s windshield as easily. after permitting the de-icer to effectively melt the ice, simply drag an ice scraper across the windows surface till the ice is completely removed. Then, wipe up any additional moisture on the interior with a clean rag. Turn on your windshield wipers in order to clear moisture. Avoid using wiper spray as it freezes easily and thus, can cause the frost to build up again. Bear in mind, to prevent the fog from generating the windshield has to warm up to the vital temperature inside your vehicle.